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Playing cards and card games have been around nearly as long as paper has. The concept of playing cards goes back to the dominoes or tiles that the Chinese used for gambling, long before paper cards could be made. After the invention of paper, the Chinese invented playing cards in the ninth century. It was not till the 15th Century, however, that cards became popular in Europe; the four types of cards used today were created at this time. Most of the card games that are played today were born in this century.

Popularity of Card Games

Card games, or their various forms, have always been popular. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t play a card game – the popularity of these games, whether the simplest Uno, or more complicated ones like baccarat or bridge is undeniable. This is partly due to the fact that these playing cards can be a solitary or group activity; and in any group, it’s always possible to find a card game that everyone can understand and play, whatever the preferred difficulty levels.

Card games are preferred at picnics and parties because they don’t need too much equipment or setting up, just a simple set of cards that can be carried in one’s pocket. Card games can be played by a person to amuse himself when he is alone (solitaire or patience), or in a group just to have a good time (rummy or war) or for the thrill of making some money (gambling games like poker or baccarat).

There are several categories of card games that are still popular today; these include trick taking games like Bridge or Spades; shedding games like Phase 10 and Old Maid; matching games like Rummy and Go Fish; accumulating games like War; and fishing games like Poker. There are also several drinking card games (in which the object of the game is to drink or force opposing players) and collectible card games like those involving Pokemon characters or baseball stars. Casino card games like poker feature a collective pool that each player has a chance of winning.

Online or Offline?

Earlier, card enthusiasts had only one option – that of playing cards offline. Today, however, there are several websites (like the one you’re on right now!) that offer several kinds of card games that can be played online. Playing cards offline is always fun, but today, with hectic schedules, it’s not always possible to gather a group when one player is in the mood for a game.

The number of single-player games is not very limited, and can be boring after a point. The advantage of playing cards online is that the player can play the game of his choice at any time of the day or night, without having to worry about gathering a large-enough group for the game.

Why Us

We offer a varied range of card games, with something to interest every player. These games require no complicated installation procedures, only that the player has flash installed on your web browser. We’re user friendly, understand the players’ passion for card games, and most importantly, fun!